The NOW Translations Process

And Why It Works

I knew they'd like the finished project. I used NOW Translations, again. They don't skip steps. No short cuts.

Your International Ally
NOW Translations wants you to succeed abroad and we'll put in the hours to make sure you do.

Distributors and ad agencies have their hands full marketing your products from dawn to dusk. They can't be expected to have the expertise and leisure to translate for you, too.

Excellent translations require dedication. Our time, manpower, and resources are geared for one thing: helping you communicate like a native in Berlin, Tokyo, and Santiago as convincingly as you would in Boston, Toledo, or Sante Fe. With NOW Translations, your staff and distributors can concentrate on what they do best: selling your products.

The Difference
We differ from other agencies because we strive to save you time and money. If we help make your translations more cost effective to produce, you'll be more profitable, and need more translations.

This is why we offer so many tips in these pages, including how to choose an agency (preferably NOW, of course); how to talk to an agency from a position of knowledge; and how to succeed in the translation game, because you're not just translating so people understand you; you're translating so people buy from you and remain loyal customers.

What services are included?
All projects get a project coordinator (usually one of NOW Translations' owners) who handles all communications, deadlines, deliverables. Translators and editors assigned to a project are native speakers, professional language experts, and capable of handling the subject matter (e.g. a medical translator is not assigned to a legal piece). To ensure quality, each translation is thoroughly edited and proofed (stages too often neglected by our competitors). Our editors and proofers are native speakers with superior marketing, terminology, and business skills.

Translation, editing, and proofing are done in a Word file. This is sent to the client for review. When our language work is approved by the client, we flow the approved translation into the DTP program (XPress, FrameMaker, InDesign, etc.). The DTP'd language is then sent to a proofer to make sure text and layout are OK. This is then sent to the client for another review (usually a PDF which the client can mark up in Acrobat). When the client gives the OK on the final file, we can then send the live files or a press-ready PDF to the client and/or the print vendor.

We are also able to provide multimedia localization of your projects (audio, visual, web, etc.).